1. You did such a good job with those pictures room 3. I bet they look amazing up on the wall. I am interested in how you did them Miss W. I'll ask you about it next time I see you.
    Ms Price

  1. Hi,
    Yes they look amazing on the wall. They have taken a little while to do. The hardest part was when we were up-sizing our fingers. Some of our fingers were all bent and they were really hard. But in the end we got there. How we made them. First Miss Wesley took a picture of us holding a piece of water melon. She put a grid on top of our picture. We then got a piece of large paper and drew bigger, even squares on it. Once that was done we had to draw the same picture in the squares. This made our new pictures 200% bigger. We dyed them, and added a posterized black and white head. Then we made hills in the back ground. We had a red and white stripy table cloth. After we had stapled them up on the wall we drew trees, butterflies and buzzy-bees to add in the background. I am really proud of it.
    From Anna.

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