Rob Booth, Miss Wesley's friend, is taking on a ‘round the world challenge’ on his motorbike from Bridport, United Kingdom to Wellington, New Zealand. He departed from Bridport on Wednesday 8th February. His first stop was Spain, he will ride through Europe, India, Tibet, attempt riding to base camp on mount Everest, down through southeast Asia. He will then freight his bike to western Australia and ride back home to New Zealand. He estimates that he will be home in June sometime. Rob is raising money for dyslexia. He’s been skyping us in school time. A few days ago we spoke to him in France. More information about what inspired this adventure can be read here. To read more about Rob’s Way Round-Challenge visit the sidebar to read and follow his blog. There is a link on the sidebar also to his Spot Connect GPS tracker for an up to date view of where he is in the world.

By Jamie

This term for our focus is Challenge and Super heroes.

On our camp to Waiwera the theme is challenge, we have also done challenge quotes like ‘Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm’ By Emerson or ‘Life Is A Challenge-Meet It. Life Is A Dream-Realize It’ By Sai Baba. On camp we know we are making rafts, canoeing and maybe even having a pool movie at the Waiwera Hot Pools.

So far we have done multiple silent card shuffles about Superman, Spiderman and Batman. We have also made some of our own Superheroes and put them in stories for our writing samples. Later on in the term we are going to be looking at what a real superhero is and creating our own superhero movies with background sounds and pop-ups.


Last week, Room 3 made beautiful Mothers Day Cards. We all got four bits of paper and followed Miss Wesley's instructions until we came up with seven flowers glued together in a 3D pop up. We then glued them into a card so that when you opened the card they popped out at you. Most of us used too much glue to put our flowers together, luckily this was just a test run. When we were confident enough to start our real copy, we chose which colour paper we wanted and got to work. In the end they turned out great. All the mum's loved them and wanted to know how we made them. Check out our blog to see a powerpoint of how to make them.

By Anna and Kayla