My apologies to my class. I got this clue completely muddled with another picture for the term. Thank you Kayla for making me come back and re check my work.

Here is the correct clue.

Gladiatori combattevano qui

This term we are doing options on Wednesday afternoons for the first 4 weeks of the term. Here are the Otewa Students that chose to do cooking with Miss Wesley. This week we made lolly cake. Simple to make a favourite of kiwi kids. For an interesting read about LOLLY CAKE check out Isaac Freeman's blog.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, one of our Room 3 students is off on an adventure to England, Paris and Spain. Max left on Monday (11th). First stop, Aussie. We have created a blog for Max to post onto and you can visit it here. I have posted Max's first email onto it but we should see him posting straight there from here on.

A different twist this term since we are planning our virtual world trip...Can you guess what this is and where it is located? Clues below...

They speak English where she resides now but French where
she originated from.

Click here for a message from Miss Wesley.

I went to Christchurch last weekend. Here's a little bit of what I saw.

I have been busy planning our work for term 4 and have sorted the countries for our virtual world trip. I have included every country that has visited our wiki and broken some down such as America and Alaska, even though Alaska IS America. I have learnt a lot about world geography while I have been doing it. If you get a chance, you may want to stick you head in the door of the travel agents and ask if you can have some travel brochures for your country. You can see where you are going by clicking here. Anna, yours is in two parts since you were really keen to do Canada.