My apologies to my class. I got this clue completely muddled with another picture for the term. Thank you Kayla for making me come back and re check my work.

Here is the correct clue.

Gladiatori combattevano qui


  1. Is it the BUSRA's Roman Stadium in Rome


  1. Hi Miss Wesley

    I think that it is the Colosseum in Rome.
    Hope I'm Right.


  1. Hi Miss Wesley,

    I thought that the word 'Ciao' was spanish, so I put it into google translater as Spanish to English but it didn't translate sadly.
    So I asked Hayden, who is a language expert and he showed me another site. Hayden also thought it was spanish, but again, it didn't translate. So he tried Italian. And this is what it translated as...Hello, this was the arenas of matadors. That is my guess for the weekly challenge. This is getting long but I do remember you saying that you liked getting big paragraphs!! I hope I'm right. If I am, I give all credit to Hayden!!


  1. Got your text, am back on Google!! Thanks heaps.


  1. Hi Miss Wesley,

    I'm adding on to last comment. I guessed it was in Italy. So I looked at pictures, when I saw one that looked similiar, I clicked and looked at the website behind it. This is what I got...
    It is in Rome and called the Roman Arena in Arles. It was biult around the 1st century BC.
    The arena was a popular tourist attraction and seated over 20,000 people. I'm not sure if I am right but the picture did look very similiar to the one on the blog.


  1. Hi again...

    I kept looking and now I'm absolutely certain that it is the Colosseum located in the centre of Rome, Italy. On the page that showed me the picture, also showed me where it was located.
    There is a curvy road that I have kept my eye on next to the picture that you put on the blog. The same curvy road was on the map.
    I also noticed that one side of the arena in your picture was higher than the other.
    One side of the Colosseum was higher than the other too!!!!

    Happy person (Kayla)

  1. Kayla, I think the way you keep working at something and don't give up is very commendable. Even when I set you wrong, you kept on trying. Your stickability will take you far in this world.

  1. Hi Miss Wesley,
    I think the challenge is the Colosseum found in Rome, Italy.
    I asked my brother just by showing him the clue and he said he thinks he knows what it is. He said he's been there before.
    I hope I'm right.
    From Anna.

  1. Is it the coliseum in rome? I'm sure it is and gladiators did fight here. -Jamie

  1. COOL

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