We, as staff, have had many conversations around the topic of student photos on the internet. As part of a new ICT cluster, teaching children to use Web Technology has been a focus for us this year. With that came the teaching of web etiquette and all that that encompassed.

Being able to share photos of students’ learning, succeeding, playing etc was an excellent way of keeping whanau and friends up to date with what was happening at school and allowing them to share these experiences.

Of course for us, the ultimate decision was with parents. We shared our reasons for posting photos with parents and explained the guidelines that we would adhere too. It then came down to them. Most families are at ease with the use of photos on our blogs and wikis. A few are not. We respect that and use avatars for those students. Personally I respect a student’s own wishes as well, with a few in my class who prefer not to have their photos posted.

We only use photos that have no identifying elements and are named with first names only. One of our student blogging rules concerns the posting of photographs as well. We have discussed at some length the reasons for selective photo posting. I feel this is an opportunity for my emerging adolescent students to understand the power of the internet before they have their own blogs, facebook profiles etc.

Create your own Animation
Schools in New Zealand are on holiday at the moment. We are back on October 11th. So there may not be too much happening here until then. However, on the last day of term we brainstormed in class the reasons why our class blog is worth visiting as part of the blogging challenge. We think that by visiting our class blog you can

  • Learn about new things
  • Learn about us as a individuals, a class, a school, a community, a country
  • Keep up to date with what we are learning
  • Share our successes
  • Watch us grow     
  • Have fun
  • Be challenged by Maths problems
  • Enjoy our creativity, arts and homework.
  • Compete in Miss Wesley's weekly challenge
  • Play games
  • See how we are getting more competent with Web 2 tools
  • Use our blog to meet other classes from our blogroll
  • Smile

Over the next few weeks, one of our class members will be visiting the UK, France and Spain. We are hoping to get emails from Max if he is able and we will post these on the blog with photos that he sends so everyone can see what adventures he is having.

Our class is taking part in a class blogging challenge which happens twice a year and is organised by Miss W and Sue Wyatt. If you follow our blog you will see us participating in challenges that we have to do. As you know blogging is new for us in Room 3, so we are hoping that taking part in the challenge will help us to become better bloggers, and to 'meet' new friends all around NZ and the world. Watch this space!!

Ten room three students attended the Combined Otorohanga Primary Schools Mathletics Competition today. Although we didn't gain any of the top three places, it was a great learning experience for the students. Well done Max, Samuel, Kahnn, Holly, Kayla, Anna, Sharnay, Christopher, Jamie and Devinn.

Today is World Gratitude Day.We talked about what we have complained about during the week and  realised that in actual fact our grumbles are misguided. We talked about how grateful we are for what we have in our lives. Some children dont have shelter, clean water, parents to care for them and no education. So when I wake up every morning I should think about how lucky I am to have all of those things in my life. We created this voicethread to show some of the things we are grateful for.

Five other Otewa Students and I have been working with Glen from Mad Cow Drums since term one of this year. We used coloured bands on our arms and leg to learn how to follow drumming patterns. We learnt beats first, then some fills. We look forward to Glen coming every Monday to work with us. Today we showed the rest of the school how far we have come. I would like to keep learning the drums because it’s fun.

To contact Glen at Mad Cow Drums click the cow icon below.

This was our warm up for maths at the start of the term. We put it up on the wall in the corridor. Samuel, Holly and Kendall have made a voice thread about the challenge. Come and have a look and see if you can help fill in the gaps.
You can see this voicethread full screen at.. the voicethread website.

  Last challenge for the term...nice and easy.

Great response from the class with the majority getting it right. Thanks to Mr Webb for getting in first but  not right this time. Bonus points to Andrew who not only guessed it was a lego man but that it was a LEGO SPACEMAN!!!!!!!  That boy knows his lego, that's for sure.


This term we have looked at the symbolism in Australian Aboriginal Art. These traditional designs were made of lines, dots, swirls and circles that had different meanings to different groups. These designs told stories or stood for natural features or forces and the spirits that created the world.

We hope you like our finished pieces of work.

Tyler R working on his E-Pals email
 We have only a week and a half left of term 3. Where has the term gone?
  • We are completing our fourth emails to our Epals in Melbourne and all that will be left to do will be to complete our presentations which will be posted on our wiki. These will be completed next term.
  • Bradlee
  • We are working on finishing term 3's art work and we can't wait to share some of it with our readers. 
  • Ten of our students will be heading to Mathletics to compete against Combined Otorohanga Primary Schools next week so the whole class is focussing on problem solving in maths.
  • These last two weeks we are learning about Question and Answer Relationships in reading.
  • And in between the rainy bits we are getting out to do some PE..roll on summer.

Last week the students in room 3 used Tony Ryan's Construction Key to build a red back spider trap using only a pair of scissors, a sheet of newspaper, sellotape, 10 rubber bands and either 3 straws or 3 ice block sticks. These are their creations.
Warning - This movie contains graphic violence.

Kane is one of our year 5 students..that's his handsome face in the centre of the photo with the green mouthguard.

Here's the crunch...what is this week's picture?

Don't forget to leave your name!!!

There you have it, thanks to all the people who commented, including our MLU friends from Aussie and parents.

Crystal and Anna from Room 3 got it's a crunchy carrot.

A huge congratulations to Anna, Samuel, Christopher and Grayson who represented our school the Waikato Intermediates Cross Country after competing at the Small Schools then the Combined Otorohanga Primary Schools (COPS)x-country. Look at these fantastic results. Although only a year 6, Samuel ran in the year 7 competition at Waikato as they do not run the year 6's, so a fantastic effort Samuel. Look out next year's competitors!!


Max says...

This is Caitlin, Tayla, Lucy and Crystal's response to Melville Intermediate Room 8's blossom video by Isla.

Our school entered a colouring competition run by Te Wananga o Aotearoa to celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori. Anna from room 3 got second place in the year 7 and 8 section. Davina and Tiaki from Te Wananga o Aotearoa paid a surprise visit to Anna at our assembly on Friday the 3rd to present her with her wonderful prize. They also very generously gave Otewa School the opportunity to choose some books from their extensive book selection. Kaitoa Anna.

Kia ora Te Wananga. 
Anna's winning entry

Macro shot...can you guess what it is?....We welcome, in fact we encourage, comments  from any visitors to our blog. Answer revealed on Friday.
This week I will give you a clue.  'It will really satisfy you to get the answer'

All comments will be revealed on Friday....

OKAY, I admit, that was the hardest one yet...You really needed to use the word clue as well.
SNICKERS "really satisfies you".

Well done Max who guessed correctly and Adam who thought it was a moro bar.

We would like to say WELCOME to all the students from the Middle Learning Unit at Belaire Primary School in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
Thanks heaps for visiting our blog and having a crack at the challenge.

Otewa School celebrated Blue Friday to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. We all dressed in blue and gave a gold coin donation. We have only 60 students at our school but we raised $125.  A big thank you to parents, whanau and caregivers for the behind the scenes support. Otewa rocks. 

We have the most amazing families in our community and I think the best cake baker in the district. Lucy's mum and dad arrived with a beautiful chocolate cake to share with the class. Aren't we lucky? Happy birthday Lucy.