Our focus for camp this year was a continuation of our 'Rivers and Us' study. We visited the Huka Prawn farm and learnt how they harness waste hot water to heat their ponds. Action world gave the kids a chance to push themselves outside their comfort zones, though some have very large comfort zones it would seem. AC baths was a hit with the hill slide and a BBQ dinner. We visited the Tongariro National Trout Centre where Ranger Anna had the children totally wrapped up in learning about water care, trout, and using critters to assess the state of our rivers. On our last day Simon was our very knowledgable (and entertaining) skipper on board the Ernest Kemp, taking us out to the rock carvings on Lake Taupo. A huge thanks to the parents that came on camp. Your help was very much appreciated and we can't do these activities without your assistance.  Thanks for the great photos Rob, though animotos don't do them justice.

I'd advise starting this then pausing it to allow it to load.


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