Miss Wesley told us we were going outside to do an experiment. Everyone had to get a small container of water then listen to Miss
Wesley . . .

We put some plastic on a hilly bit just out of the sandpit and put a cup down at the bottom of the hill. We put a bit of turf (grass) at the top of the hill. Miss Wesley poured water on the grass. The water flowed down into the cup, when it was full Miss Wesley picked it up. The glass had a few stray pieces of grass in it along with the water.

Miss Wesley turned the turf over so that it was dirt side up. When we poured water on to the dirt it stayed where it was but we could see that some dirt was running off down in to the cup. Miss Wesley picked up the glass; it had some dirt floating around. After a while the dirt sunk to the bottom of the glass and some grass made its way to the top.

We went back to the sandpit; Miss Wesley put sand at the highest point then sprinkled water on it. The sand washed down with the water. Miss Wesley picked up the glass. It had HEAPS of sand in it. While we went back to class, the sand was slowly making its way down to the bottom of the glass. The water seems to get lighter the higher up it is.

Our experiment told us that because grass has roots it all held in well. The sand didn’t have anything to cling on to so it slid down the hill. What happened to the sand is called ‘erosion.’ Out of the three glasses the grass side up one was the cleanest.

Who knew school could be so much fun? !!!


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