Hi to all my students. I hope you are having a great break from school and enjoying our very hot summer. Some exciting things are happening in your classroom while you are away. We have had a permanent data projector installed in class, which is great and will make learning more fun in class. Also I am in the middle of planning the best ever class camp for term 1, so be very excited. I have had a great Christmas in Wellington and New Year in Taupo (checking out camp activities while I was there). Also I got my adrenalin fix by doing the Flying Fox at gravity canyon again...hmmm what next? I will put some photos up soon.


  1. To Miss Wesley,

    I can't wait to go on camp, I'm looking foward to going back to school. We had two awesome days at the Raglan beach (Jess and Tui LOVED playing in the sand dunes and swimming. But they didnt enjoy the bath they had afterwards!!)
    Now it is raining so we're stuck inside.

    From Kayla

  1. Hi Kayla, it's certainly disappointing to be stuck inside on the last week of the holidays that's for sure. Hopefully the sun is out by the weekend to dry everything up. I guess we should be thankful that we haven't had disastrous weather like others have had in Australia and Brazil. I'm looking forward to seeing you back next week.

  1. Dear Miss Wesley,

    The weather cleared up until last night. It was very loud in the night.
    Have nice last days of your holidays!

    From Kayla

  1. Hi Kayla, I have been in Wellington since Friday and have managed to escape the dreadful weather at home. I am enjoying the last few days, especially as I was sick last week. Two sleeps before we're back at school.

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