On Friday 9th September,the day of the rugby world cup 2011 opening, we had a BIG school rugby day. The first thing we did was made huge corrugated iron rugby balls which read ALL BLACKS it is visible on both sides, school and road. We painted the letters white and the background black. Everyone wore black and white, some people even painted their face. Then we played a variety of rugby tabloids, they were ripper rugby, netball with a rugby ball and rugby relays. We also fundraised money by having a sausage sizzle for lunch at the cost of $2 each. With the money we raised we put aside for our school council to put to good use on the school. It was a great day for everyone. We also song the national anthem, done the Haka and raised the New Zealand flag. A couple of days later when the paint had dried, we hung the balls up on our school fence.


  1. Hi Ruma Toru,

    We thought it was cool that you used a rugby ball to play different kinds of games. It was a clever idea to put the rugby ball signs up on your fence.
    It showed your support to the All Blacks along with singing the National Anthem, doing the Haka, and raising the flag. It reminds us of when we had our Black days when we dressed in Black to support the All Blacks.
    From Room 6

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